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08.26.09 10 Comments

Here’s six minutes of behind-the-scenes footage from the making of The Goonies. 85% of it is director Richard Donner yelling at kids or yelling about kids or talking about how much he hates kids (ahh, childhood), but there’s also a soundtrack with some totally sweet synth-pop.  In fact, before I knew it, I was wearing these zebra-print jazzercise pants and thrusting my crotch bulge.  Haha, Goonies, huh? [via Buzzfeed]

Daily Circle Jerk Links:

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  • The four unluckiest men in sports. At first I saw the picture they used of Phil Mickelson and thought he’d taken a golf ball to the wang parts, which would indeed be unlucky.  Unless you’re into that sort of thing. |OpenSports|
  • The History of Batman in Video Games.  RE: an idea for your thesis, you’re welcome. |ComicsAlliance|
  • Crap, looks like we missed “National Go Topless Day”. |Gunaxin|
  • Ed Kennedy died.  But don’t be sad, he’s with his mistress now, and she’s still young and nubile.  |Yahoo|
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  • Terrible celebrity endorsement ideas. |ScreenJunkies|
  • The 25 hottest Facebook pics.  Oh sure, I get robbed yet again. |HolyTaco|
  • A couple of guys who got thrown out of Inglourious Basterds. |FoggyMonocle|
  • I didn’t click this link, but the title was “puppet rodeo.” |Atom|
  • The best parts of every Ernest movie.  Hell yes. |CollegeHumor|

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