Haha, good story, Ryan Gosling

10.26.10 6 years ago • 38 Comments

"Here, girl. I'll stand in this walk way so you don't get wet."

Baby Goose was interviewed by Steve Carell for this month’s Interview Magazine, and I think it goes without saying that we found the money quote:

GOSLING: I loved growing up in Canada. It’s a great place to grow up, because—well, at least where I grew up—it’s very multicultural. There’s also good health care and a good education system. So it’s a great place to be from, although, when I was 8, I was walking to school one day and I saw a frozen cat by the side of the road, and I picked it up and hit it against a tree.

Baby Goose later added, “I whacked and I whacked, but even after the ice had come off, it still wouldn’t move.  After that I cried and apologized to the tree for being so rough, and it was the saddest day of my life, because that was the day I learned kitties don’t live forever.”

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