Hey Girl, Baby Goose Will Read Your ‘Hey Girl’ Blog

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12.09.10 17 Comments
Ryan Gosling reads from F*ck Yeah Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling reads from F*ck Yeah Ryan Gosling

Blue Valentine won its rating appeal with the MPAA yesterday, but since I wasn’t planning on seeing that hipstery ukulele scarf of a movie anyway, I thought we’d focus on the more important things, like Baby Goose reading from F*ckYeahRyanGosling (video below).  Hey Girl, who’s this “Ryan Gosling” character I keep hearing about?  I keep meaning to look him up, but I was too busy crying about this video someone sent me of ducks getting caught in a wind storm.  It’s so sad, girl.  I even wrote a song about it.  I’ll play it for you if you promise not to laugh.  It’s really personal.

Gosling-in-briefs Gosling-in-briefs2

Hey girl, I’ll be brief. Haha, get it? It’s cold, let’s snuggle. But only if you want to, girl.

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