Hey Girl, Watch Baby Goose’s Band

08.27.10 7 years ago 61 Comments

Hey girl, the winner of Baby Goose's costume contest is... Everyone.

FilmDrunk favorite Ryan Gosling is a Jack of all trades as we’ve previously discussed his involvement with the band Dead Man’s Bones. If you’re not familiar, it was Baby Goose’s band’s Twitter account that brought about the demise of my wildly successful @Ryan_Gosling Twitter account, but it’s not like I’m bitter to the point that I asked other FilmDrunkards to go to a Dead Man’s Bones concert at whip batteries at the stage. After all, as Baby Goose says, “Don’t be a Juggalo, be a Huggalo.”

Anywho, DMB (screw you, Dave Matthews, there’s a new panty moistener in town) has released a new official video for their smash single “Pa Pa Power.” The song features the haunting vocals of The Warm Glass of Milk children’s choir and if there’s anything more hipster than this band it would have to be a vinyl record wearing a scarf while riding a 10-speed bike made of neon Wayfarers.

You can check out this extravaganza of epic thrift store awesomeness over at Vulture. Be warned, it appears that Baby Goose combined his love of making films with his love of making music because this puppy is almost 13 minutes long. Haha girl, I didn’t mean a puppy like Patches! He’s a big boy pooch now!

According to various YouTube clips, “Pa Pa Power” is DMB’s closer song at live performances, which I’m sure Baby Goose intros with something like, “Hey girls, this is a song about finding someone special and requesting to meet her parents first before pursuing a relationship, because it’s only fair to respect the wishes of the people who gave her life, and plus you can learn a lot about a person through their parents, and maybe they’ll even have some advice because people find wisdom through aging and I think that’s just special, girl… ONE TWO THREE FOUR!”

Also, if you’re in the area and want to piss your pants with laughter, FilmDrunkard and Frotcast regular Joe King will be appearing at the Hollywood Improv on Sunday at 7:30 pm. The show also features Whitney Cummings, who I’m in love with because of her awesome joke about drinking Magic Johnson’s blood at the Hasselhoff roast.

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