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05.01.08 56 Comments

Writer Tom Wolfe (who I’m not sure whether to describe as a fop or a dandy) has sold the option to his most recent book, I Am Charlotte Simmons.  The last book Wolfe had adapted was Bonfire of the Vanities in 1987 which critics largely drank the milkshake of.

The screenplay will be adapted by a dude whose last movie was Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and directed by a chick whose only movie credit is Take the Lead, the high school dancing movie with Antonio Banderas.

Wolfe researched the book by spending time at Duke, Stanford, U. Florida, Penn, Michigan, and UNC.  The resulting novel was a super campy if somewhat accurate portrayal of a naïve country girl’s first year at an elite private university. In one memorable scene, the title character loses her virginity to the A-hole fraternity president while wasted at a frat formal, and later she overhears him telling all his friends about her “huge hillbilly beaver”. 

If done right, I could see this being a cute college version of Can’t Hardly Wait.  But with the people they’ve got working on it, I could see the hillbilly beaver saving the rec center. -[Source]

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