Very important news about Amanda Seyfried’s breasts & nipples

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04.20.10 31 Comments


As you all know, I am but a humble public servant, obeying my sacred duty to bring you only the most relevant news of the film industry.  Not long ago, I brought you word of an important film called Chloe, which promises to be a landmark picture for many reasons besides the debut of Amanda Seyfried’s bare nipples, none which I can think of right now.  When the red-band trailer came out, it delivered bare breasts, but not ones with Amanda Seyfried’s face in the same shot.  Naturally, I was skeptical.  Having masturbated to fraudulent pictures before, I know how dirty one feels afterwards, as if everything you fantasized about being pooped on by had been a lie.

Which brings us to today.  IDontLikeYouinThatWay has some of the NSFW screenshots in question, which reunite Amanda Seyfried’s face with her nipples in a reunion more touching than when that p*ssy lion refused to eat those limeys.  One thing to note is that her nipples are very pale.  I didn’t even know whether I needed to censor that banner pic.  I mean, I still choke-‘bated to them as if I did, I’m just sayin’. In any case, I apologize, but this is the kind of news that I’m simply duty bound to cover.  Coincidentally, Doody Bound is one of my favorite adult films, but I digress. The point is, go over there and check out the pics, then meet back here for high fives.  Last one back has to eat the cookie.

UPDATE: Here’s (NSFW) video of some of Chloe‘s, shall we say, better scenes. Not to be outdone, here’s a (NSFW) clip from Heather Graham’s lesbian scene in Boogie Woogie. (Note: You don’t need to make movie lesbians look like actual lesbians, people.) Erswi was adamant that you see these.

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