Is this the real-life Toy Story kid?

Senior Editor
06.28.10 6 Comments

Unfortunately this came from Tumblr, and people on Tumblr aren’t very good at crediting their sources so I don’t have much information about it.  Is it real?  Is it Photoshopped?  Um… I don’t know.  All I know is the kid really looks like the Toy Story kid.  It seems like something someone could do fairly easily in Photoshop, but my knowledge of Photoshop is mainly limited to adding cats and putting Vince Vaughn eating an ice cream cone into the background (he’s everywhere!).  Anyway, fun picture.  But still not nearly as cute as the real-life kid from Up.  I would kidnap the sh*t out of that kid.  What?  I mean I would use him for pickin’ up chicks.  No, you’re weird.

[Thanks to RoboPanda for the tip]

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