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02.08.10 103 Comments

(Get it?  His hair’s messed up because he’s blind.  Stupid Hollywood, The Braillettes managed it fine.)

Fox currently owns the rights to the Daredevil franchise, but if they don’t do anything with it, it reverts back to Marvel.  And if there’s one thing Fox execs can’t stand, it’s the idea of anyone else making a suckier movie than them.  Therefore, Daredevil reboot.  Same blind dude, now with less Affleck. ;-(

Regency is mounting the remake with former News Corp No. 2 Peter Chernin producing. Writing the redo is screenwriter David Scarpa, who scripted The Day The Earth Stood Still for Fox. [DHD]

The Day the Earth Stood Still... anyone see that?  No?  Didn’t think so. Maybe I’ll catch it on cable. If I lose my remote or something.  Anyway, the important thing is that they cast a strong lead, and I think I’ve got the perfect choice…

That’s right, Blind Cowbell Girl.  Not only will she be way more convincing, but what better way to improve upon something than to add more cowbell?  It’s genius. You owe me for this, Fox.

BAD GUY: “Shhh.  …Do you hear something?”

[Off in the distance]: Clank, clank, clank….

[Thanks to Argentino for that Braillettes picture]

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