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If you thought Twilight fangirls were weird, check out video after the jump of Japan’s most obsessive Harry Potter fangirl meeting Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe.  Above is the moment when she tells Grint he has “silver eyelashes” and begs to touch them.

Sanma Akashiya’s “Karakuri Terebi” held a contest last month in which 10,000 of Japan’s biggest Harry Potter fans competed for a chance to travel to the UK and interview the stars of the new Harry Potter movie. As a comedy show, they intentionally picked the strangest fans as finalists. A girl named Kana was the grand prize winner. [JapanProbe via /Film]

Other highlights include her wafting Grint’s scent to toward her face at the 1:18 mark.  “You smell great!” she says.  He tells her she smells great too, and she says that’s funny because people usually tell her she smells like a granny.  Jesus, if you could harness the awkward energy in these videos it could power a city.  It’s funny, being pre-sex age makes girls do crazy things like squeal uncontrollable and beg to touch eyelashes.  Being post sex-age makes them do crazy things like join the Clay Aiken fan club and watch Dr. Phil.  I see only one solution. (*points to crotch*)

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