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07.07.09 44 Comments

I needed something to wash the mealy taste of boredom out of my face holes after that Collector trailer, and once again, the internet provides – in the form of this scene from the 70s Japanese horror film Hausu.  It doesn’t have subtitles, but let me see if I can sum up the plot:

A lampshade kills a girl via drugs, or possibly mind control.  Then her body parts separate and get stuck in  psychadelic purgatory.  This greatly angers a painting of an angry cat. Which in turn causes the dead girl’s legs to return from supernatural limbo and kick the angry cat painting in the face, at which point it begins to vomit blood.  Then it turns into a real cat, meows, turns back into a painting, and continues to vomit blood.  Little does it know, a geisha bleeds from the neck while a baby cries.  At which point a disembodied leg jumps into an armoire causing the entire apartment to become a lake of blood.  Fin.

[Thanks to “iwontrememberthis” for the tip]

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