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08.15.07 5 Comments

Variety is reporting that Len Wiseman, director of Live Free or Die Hard and banger of Kate Beckinslut, will be directing th remake of Escape From New York.

Now, normally I'm against remakes, but Len Wiseman obviously has something I don't (fortune, fame, Kate Beckinsale, the ability to grow facial hair…).

Plus, Live Free or Die Hard was a lot better than I expected.  I'd even go so far as to call it an entertaining movie (except for that semi truck vs. jet fighter scene – that shit was retarded).

Gerard Butler (300, my schoolgirl fantasies) will be playing Snake Plissken.  He's okay, but he's no Kurt Russell, because Kurt Russell is fuckin' harsh.   Plus, his name's 'Gerard'.  A guy named Gerard should really not be allowed to play a guy named Snake.

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