Leslie Nielsen’s Screen Test for Ben Hur

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11.29.10 8 Comments

I did my best on a write-up of Leslie Nielsen’s passing here last night, but for those interested, Roger Ebert the AP did an even longer, more thorough obit (correction: apparently Ebert just quoted the AP, the lazy ass).  That’s where I found this awesome video, Nielsen’s screen test for the role of Messala in Ben Hur, a part which eventually went to Stephen Boyd.  I don’t know why Nielsen didn’t get it. Clearly he was awesome.

“The lion and the jackal, do you still hunt them, or have you become too dignified?”

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t use that taunt myself on my married friends. “C’mon, pussy, chug your beer, we’re going jackal hunting.”

“You cling to a tree that is dead!  You walk in a circle around your memory of the past, like a donkey plodding his way around a water wheel!”

ZING!  Now THAT’S how you insult. I think that was the last thing Tila Tequila said before she got pelted with rocks and Juggalo poop.

(*pours out a little Four Loko on the jack-off couch*)

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