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09.22.08 50 Comments

LatinoReview‘s favorite source “Anonymous” recently sent in these pictures that may or may not be depictions of Megatron from Michael Bay’s upcoming Transformers II: Revenge of the Fallen (or just Transformers 2 if you’re not a dickweed).  Megatron is a tank, and he looks basically like what we’ve come to expect from Michael Bay.

See, the cool thing about the design of the original Transformers was that someone in Japan had to take the time to figure out how, in a practical sense, a regular truck or plane might actually transform into a humanoid robot.  Bay’s Transformers, thanks to CGI, just take the 2 Fast 2 Furious approach where practicality goes out the window in favor of vehicles with all kinds of extraneous shit glued on the outsides.  And flames.  Gotta have flames.  The upside is that Michael Bay’s Transformers are really good at Dance Dance Revolution.

(LatinoReview has a couple more)

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