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If you read FilmDrunk, you already know how much we dig on Terrence Howard’s wisdom, and hats, man.  I mean this cat truly has the soul of a poet, man. So when he spreads his wings and flies?  We just try to spread around the droppings, man.  To fertilize the Earth. Are you hip?  Here it goes… (*snappity snappity bongo mike hiss hi hat*)

[From press day for Fighting]  “I ride life like it’s a beautiful go-cart. Me and my friends, we’ll get out there and make a go-cart. You spend so much time finding pieces to make the go-cart, and sometimes it don’t work. But then, all of a sudden, you’ve got a go-cart that’s working. And right when you start riding down the hill, your mother calls you and tells you that you gotta come in. The little boy has to stop, right then and there. So, he comes in and he’s angry and sullen in the face. I’m having such a great time in my life right now. I’m making go-carts, you know? And then, when they call me and make me come to work, I walk in there, I slam doors and I do all those things that a little bad kid would do.”

Oh man. A go cart.  With beautiful long hair. And white-washed tires… all full of kids… that you ride with your friends. That’s so deep man.  So true.  You’re like a bottomless pit of wisdom – with a pool at the bottom. Where we wash away our superficialities.  Tell us more, man.


[on co-star Channing Tatum] “He’s in a great position, and he doesn’t carry any of his demons on his skin. It took me a long time to leave the demons inside of a refrigerator someplace and just thaw them out when I need them. He’s managed to do that so early on. He comes to set and he’s so free. He doesn’t have this big bag of badness with him.”

“The first album reflected my nature and the things that I dream of. It was my backdrop. The faraway. You paint the big sky, the sun, the clouds, the landscape and the mountains in the background. This one should paint that mid-range of me. I don’t know who I am yet. After about three or four albums, I’ll be able to predict where I am. But, you can never really see where you are because you’re so busy looking at everything else. You have to move past you, before you can stop and take a look back. I don’t know if it’ll reflect me now, but it’ll reflect where I’ve passed.”

“You don’t choose to represent any of them, I don’t believe. We’re all antennas. No thought has ever come to you that’s just been indigenous of you. Electricity is moving through us, the same way it’s moving through everything else, and there are waves of activity, according to how things expand in the universe, so that electricity is moving through that. And, every once in a while, you’ll be pushed up on that wave, to where you’ll catch a frequency from something else, and because you were in the right particular frequency yourself, you can respond to it. Maybe you’ll translate it out. But, if you don’t translate it, what ends up happening is that you’re not able to continue moving, according to how everything else is moving.”

“The things that made me want to be an actor, at the very start, were films that told the story of a child’s dream and the regrets of an adult’s past — anything that can really take you through a continued progressive life. That’s how the films will be. They’ll have to have music as a base for them because I think music creates the fourth dimension. Music gives you depth. Music gives you a sense of time. Chronological order begins where the music begins, not where the color begins, so you need to tell a full story that way.” 

Yeah. That was transcendent, brother.  Can we give my man a round of finger snaps?  (*sips espresso*)

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