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09.06.07 14 Comments

That's right, they're making another Street Fighter movie. And they just hired a director,  Andrzej Bartkowiak, who previously helmed Doom, Exit Wounds, Romeo Must Die, and Cradle 2 the Grave (Number2 are s0 h0t r1ght n0w).  The only way this could be good is if Blanka fights Andrei Arlovski for biting his style.

I'm all for another Street Fighter movie, if only to remind today's actors of the tragic case of Raul Julia.  Raul Julia was a fine actor with a respectable career. Then he took a paycheck, did Street Fighter with Jean Claude Van Damme, and died suddenly right after it came out.  And then they dedicated the goddamn movie to his memory.  Street Fighter.  Dedicated to his memory. They might as well have had an open casket and invited people to take dumps on his corpse.  

You want that to be you, William H. Macy?  A steady diet of cocaine and corn dogs and one more Wild Hogs is all it takes.    

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