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The Middle Eastern press reports that Nicolas Cage will lose 13 pounds and gain $40 million to play assassinated Egyptian president Anwar Sadat in a miniseries for Egyptian TV (oh God please let him be in blackface…).

Egyptian writer Anis al-Degheidy, who wrote the series, recently announced that shooting was to start mid-2009. Al-Degheidy, who has written some controversial books including Saddam Was Not Executed, said the TV series would be in English and also dubbed in Arabic. [via Earthtimes – thanks to handsome Mossad agent Ohad for the tip]

Nicolas Cage, such a tragic hero.  His career soared to amazing heights on the wings of his tremendous acting talent, with movies like Adaptation and Leaving Las Vegas, but then he flew just a little too close to the sun and melted his forehead, whereupon he fell back to Earth in a bear suit and punched a girl.  Icarus Cage, I like to call him.

Reached for comment, Mickey Rooney said, “’Anwar Sadat’ – Hey! That sounds like someone trying to choose pictures for a Chinese food menu.  ‘Anwar sadat?’  ‘Dat? Dassa broccori beef.’  ‘…Anwar Sadat?’ ‘Dat? Dassa egg foo young.’  ‘…Anwar sadat?’ ‘Dat? Wha, you stupid? Dassa szechuan pork, dum-dum.’”   …Oh Mickey, what an insensitive cornball you are.

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