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06.05.09 11 Comments

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, the Jerry Bruckheimer movie in which Nic Cage plays a modern-day Warlock (not making this up) has been the scene of several accidents.  While I point to this as evidence that God is finally trying to smite Jerry Bruckheimer as I’ve prayed for many times, some say the set is cursed.  And others claim Nic Cage even hired a witch doctor to un-curse it.  Says National Enquirer:

“Everyone was shocked when the voodoo woman arrived on the set. She was wearing a long black and purple dress had long stringy hair – and carried a broom. She sprinkled ‘Voodoo Dust’ on the pavement as she chanted weird phrases to frighten bad spirits.” [via DailyStab]

The National Enquirer are notorious liars (see the Brangelina breakup story from a few days ago) and much as I’d like to believe every Nic-Cage-is-crazy story I hear, this one sounds especially bogus.  I posted it mainly because of this picture.  What. in the holy hell. is going on here?  Let me get this straight: you cared enough about your appearance to Brotox your forehead shiny and put on a shirt and tie, and yet didn’t bother shaving the three days worth of grey and black stubble attached to your brown mop at the temples?  You carefully manicured a beard that’s a completely different color than your hair or eyebrows?  And dude… are you wearing eyeliner?  This… is not a stable person.  I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s just say I wouldn’t leave this book near my children.

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