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09.04.07 25 Comments

Straight from the Say-It-Ain'-So file comes the news that Nic Cage is interested in playing the lead in a "proposed comedic parody" version of Magnum P.I., a role Tom Selleck declined.

Word is that he’s currently in talks to take on the part after “being impressed by the script, which has an even balance of comedy and crime-solving.” 

One wonders what a script needs to impress a guy who's taken part in multiple National Treasure movies and thinks shit like "Kal-El" and "Lazerbeam Robotslayer" are good names for kids.  I'm guessing some combination of pictures and scratch n' sniff.  

God, I wish I was a Coppola.  I can't even fathom what their world is like, where you can win an Oscar for not trying to cut off your feet and eat them.


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