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07.24.09 19 Comments

The sequel to Tron (now called Tron Legacy) has been doing a big push at Comic Con this week, including screening 15 minutes of footage (which you can read all about here.  I only got to the part that said “And it was totally worth waiting a year for: Kinetic, delirious and full of light-cycle brilliance.”  Then I had to close my computer and rub my temples for an hour).

Anyway, in the video above, you can see the unveiling of the light cycle.  I dunno. I mean, I guess it’s pretty cool.  It’s a little hard to judge when you can hear the guys filming say it’s “f*cking awesome!” 17 times in a row.  Oh man, the Tron light cycle!  I better take a picture of this to show my girlfriend when I get home!

[via Buzzfeed] Looks like it came from CHUD

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