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This story was barely movie-related to begin with, but I’m sort of bound to correct my facts.  Yesterday we all reported that Miley Cyrus’ 9-year-old sister Noah was helping launch a lingerie line (my post sourced an Australian MSN article).  Now the woman who runs the line says that’s not true, that the “lingerie” is really just ballet clothes.

Annie Dugourd says she’s a “stay at home mom who makes tutu dresses”. She and another mom started Ooh, La La! Couture, the apparel firm named in several reports as the designers behind an upcoming line of lingerie from Miley Cyrus’s nine-year-old sister Noah and her best friend, eight-year-old actress Emily Grace Reaves.

“The story is completely false…it’s a total lie…we don’t make lingerie. It’s been devastating for our little company,” says Dugourd, who has a daughter. “We would never do anything inapppropriate.” She says that Noah and Emily Grace have no plans to make lingerie using another firm. [CNBC]

So there, you jerks.  How dare you sully the good name of this woman who was only trying to use heavily-made-up nine-year-olds carrying clutch purses and little dogs like Paris Hilton and wearing tiny skirts and posing around stripper poles to sell her clothes.  You perverts should really be ashamed.  Looks like you guys have got a lot of growing up to do.

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