Shia Labeouf drops bombshell: Oliver Stone? Kind of an A-hole.

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09.21.10 30 Comments
STONE: "No, no, your mistake, both drinks are for me, actually."  LABEOUF: (*awkwardly attempts to smile*)

STONE: "No, no, your mistake, both drinks are for me, actually." LABEOUF: (*awkward attempt to smile*)

Today in Shocking News You’ll Never Believe, Shia Labeouf shared an Oliver Stone anecdote at the Money Never Sleeps premiere which seemed to suggest that the director can be, get this: foul-mouthed, egomaniacal, and difficult to work for.  It’s uncharacteristic behavior for a man famously rumored to have told a black screenwriter, “I bet you like Scarface. All n*ggers love Scarface.”  What a delight.

“We’re in the Adirondacks, and Josh Brolin and I are shooting this bike scene. And at one point I say to Josh a line — ‘You should look at yourself in the mirror first and see yourself. It might scare you,'” remembered LaBeouf. “I looked at the line for a couple of months and thought I’d go to Oliver and say, ‘You look at the mirror and look at yourself. It’s sort of repetitive. Why don’t we just cut one of those? Why don’t I say, Look at yourself. It might scare you.’ This is Oliver verbatim. He looks at me and goes, ‘I like mirror. I wrote Scarface. Go f*ck yourself.'” [Vulture]

I like to imagine Oliver Stone talking this way in all of his daily interactions.  “Hey buddy, I said ‘no mayo’.  I wrote Scarface.  Go f*ck yourself.”  “You call this a latte?  I wrote Scarface.”  “I wrote Scarface.  Your t*ts look stupid.  I’m just saying.”

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