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12.28.09 12 Comments

(Full-size here — right-click and select ‘view image’. Sorry it’s such an ass pain.)

Filmdrunkard Sicksauce just sent me this picture of an American Psycho billboard.  He didn’t say where it came from, but TV2 doesn’t sound American, so it’s probably from England or Australia or one of those other countries where they get to have cool billboards.   Meanwhile, we get ones that say things like “A BARE-KNUCKLED BUCKET OF DOES.”  Good one, guys.  Did no one point out that buckets don’t have knuckles?  Or that maybe you shouldn’t compare your smart phone to a bucket?  You know what people put in buckets?  Sh*t. Horse food.  But it was totally worth it for the way it almost alliterates.

Oh, and here are some Kermit Bales because I’m always looking for an excuse to post them.

[Kermit Bales via ONTD]

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