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04.07.09 32 Comments

  • People keep calling this kid a homo.  He keeps posting videos, and you keep calling him a homo – can’t you see he’s getting pissed?  Seriously, you guys, this isn’t cool at all.  If this kid was a tall tale he’d be ‘Pathos Bill.’ [Buzzfeed]
  • The much-speculated Terminator Salvation rating sorta confirmed as PG-13.  Confirmed by Pizza Hut, that is.  Pizza what?  [/Film]
  • My email inbox might as well be a Google alert for “Nic Cage.”  Seriously, if the dude takes a sh*t I get 10 emails about it. Anyway, Nic Cage, went to Germany and bought a castle.  But that’s when he ran into a great big hassle. Billy Joe and Bobby Sue? Whoa oh whoa oh oh, they slipped away.  [Videogum]
  • College Humor presents some of America’s Saddest Home Videos.  Spoiler alert: they all star Tom Bergeron. [CollegeHumor]
  • Star Trek had a surprise screening at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin and a bunch of nerds jizzed their sweatpants. [Alamoblog]
  • Oh my gosh, you guys, Iron Man 2 is shooting and some people totes took pictures!  Cray-cray! [Screenjunkies]
  • Some of the old between-match wrestler vignettes from the WWF.  Somehow, I don’ theen Ray-sore Ramon’s ack-saint ees real, mang. [HolyTaco]
  • So I read “Channing Tatum Won’t Be Thor”, and I got all sad, and I was all like, “Aw, but he’th tho thexy.” [Filmonic]

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