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06.04.09 16 Comments

Sassy Ostrich could hardly believe the zaniness

Paul Blart Mall Cop topped DVD sales and rentals for the second week in a row because God is dead.

The Sony Pictures Home Entertainment comedy, which grossed $146.3 million in U.S. theaters, continued to see heavy action [hee hee! –Ed.] at retail, with its rental activity falling off just 26% from the previous week. [THR]

In theaters, I could see, okay, maybe you need to get away from the kids, or you need something you can take the kids to… the entertainment bar is set pretty low.  So you think, “Eh, maybe I’ll go watch Kevin James’ fat stupid ass act fat and stupid for a couple hours.”  But DVD?  Are there really people out there going, “Hmm, what should I see… Oh, I know!  I never saw that one about the fat dipsh*t on the Segway!  And now I can!  Life is good!  Let’s go shove flippers full of ice cream down our gullets!”  How can a movie be this popular and still I don’t know anyone who saw it?  Wait, don’t answer that, I’m just gonna bask in my good fortune.

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