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08.07.09 19 Comments

Apologies, folks, as this may take some explaining:

So earlier this week, I received the above signed print of Lost producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and a Polar bear from Human Giant comedian Paul Scheer, along with a hand-written letter saying he’d be painting more Lost-related art and selling it on his website starting August 15th.  “I am to black velvet what Eko was to that stick,” he wrote.

Over on Scheer’s website, he says he’s been getting cease and desist orders from a mysterious entity known as “Ronie Midfew Arts”.  (Foo-arts?  Farts?)  He also posted this picture of his painting in the trash at the “Lost production office” supposedly sent to him by an ABC intern known as “Mr. Klugh.”  Get it?  Clue?  Subtle.

So then today I got this letter on “Ronie Midfew Arts” letterhead via FedEx. It’s basically a cease and desist letter telling me not to make copies of the polar bear painting.  Meanwhile, the Ronie Midfew Arts website is just one page that says “15 will be lost The 16th Will be found,” — I’m assuming a reference to August 15th, when Scheer said he was going to start selling his paintings. He also says on his website “Today I went to ABC today to find out the truth about what happened to my painting, but what I found was sooo much more…”  Mysterious.  I think maybe he visited the department of redundancy department.  Anyway, he says a video is forthcoming.

Yeah, so long story short, I assume this is all some kind of viral marketing stunt or eventually a guy in a gorilla suit is going hit me in the crotch with a pie (the punishment for gullibility). But I figured I might as well play along.  Because I like getting letters.  It makes me feel all important and old timey.  “Cor bloimey, guv, Oy’ve got a lett uh?  Jus’ put it under me top hat an’ Oy’ll read it whoilst Oy get me shoes shoined.”

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