Pete Hammond still whoring his way to the top

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09.01.10 19 Comments

People always wonder why I self-promoting.  TOLDJA TOLDJA TOLDJA!

LOS ANGELES – September 1, 2010: Media Corporation’s Jay Penske and’s Nikki Finke today announced the hiring of Pete Hammond, the well-known Los Angeles Times/The Envelope’s “Notes On A Season” blog columnist and former Variety contributor who is widely considered the preeminent awards season commentator for film and television. Effective immediately, he becomes the Awards Columnist. It is Deadline’s intention to own the awards space, helped by Pete’s unique understanding of the behind-the-scenes of this very specialized process when the entertainment industry is fixated on grabbing the gold [that sounds like a Pete Hammond sentence].

Said Finke, Deadline’s General Manager and Editor-in-Chief: “I realized that if Deadline Hollywood was going to offer expanded awards season coverage, we had to find someone of Mike’s, Nellie’s, and Tim’s caliber. Pete Hammond is a very well-established brand in this arena, and he’s among the most knowledgeable and insightful people on film and television I’ve ever encountered. If awards season is Hollywood’s Super Bowl, then Pete is the quarterback calling many of the plays.”

Oh man, I can’t wait for all the insight he’s going to drop on us, with biting analysis like “look for this 2nd visit to Marvel’s latest cash cow to top the original, not only for ratcheted up action, excitement and pure movie fun but also at the box office and beyond,” “The Expendables literally explodes off the screen and into my butt!” and “I would literally murder a vagrant if Sandra Bullock told me to!”

Hike it to quarterback Pete!  “Hut one! Hut two! Get me a thesaurus, I need another word for ‘excited’!”  As long as this keeps him from writing movie reviews.

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