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In this deleted scene from the Bruno movie, recently leaked to promote the DVD release on November 17th,  baseball great Pete Rose is subjected to the same here-sit-on-my-Mexican stunt that Bruno used on Paula Abdul.  To his credit, Rose doesn’t squirm or complain, he just settles in and starts talkin’ baseball.  At one point the crew tries to rattle Rose when his chair starts acting uncomfortable.  But Rose is unflappable.

“He don’t seem to understand that this is very uncomfortable for this guy.  So get another guy here, because this guy’s uncomfortable.”

And then they swap Mexicans.  See?  The first step toward a post racial society is to treat every minority as an individual.  Just because one Mexican isn’t good at being a chair, that’s no reason to assume that a different Mexican wouldn’t be better.  Well done, Pete Rose, it seems this is not your first time sitting on a Mexican.  Ahh, good times.  It’s like my junior high experience in reverse.

[via /Film]

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