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The internets are all a titter with new clips from The Incredible Hulk – you can watch a couple of them after the jump, but I think my favorite is the one above.  It’s a promo for the Hulk-themed American Gladiator episode that airs two weeks from now.  Just in case Titan’s spandex clothes, flaccid, highlighted blonde locks, waxed eyebrows, and smooth, steroid-enhanced physique weren’t gay enough for you, now he’s going to paint himself green, flex a lot, and whisper creepy stuff in the contestants’ ears.

In related news, when I take other men from behind I think it’s really hot to talk in a Macho Man Randy Savage Voice.  Tiiime for a reacharound! OHHH YEEAAAAH!   *smashes bedside lamp with dildo*

Via ComingSoon

Also, Dear AOL, Your embed code blows.

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