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05.13.09 46 Comments

When I see “presented by Oprah and Tyler Perry” at the beginning of a trailer, like this one for Precious, I expect the movie to cure AIDs in Africa and teach an orphan the meaning of love.  And if you read the reviews, that’s basically what it does.  FilmSchoolReject‘s take is fairly representative: “The film is a wonder — a truly moving film that is as engaging and shockingly tragic, but so full of life as any film you will see this year.”

Based on the novel Push by Sapphire (yep, just Sapphire), Precious follows 16-year-old junior-high schooler Clareece Jones through her horribly depressing life, which includes getting beaten by her mother and being pregnant for the second time by her father. Far be it from me to ridicule such life-affirming fare, but I think that necklace was a mistake.  It makes her appear heavy.

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