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05.08.09 25 Comments

Come What May is a pro-life debate-team movie starring the Christian Rachel Bilson and Tooly McDouchenstein, set at Patrick Henry College, a real-life school and “the first college in the United States founded specifically for Christian home-schooled students” (accredited in 2007!). It’s a school that doesn’t appear to admit minorities, though this guy with the Hitler mustache does look suspiciously swarthy.

The plot deals with two debate teammates who fall in love while planning a huge debate over the issue of parental notification.  The best exchange comes at the 0:24 mark, between Tooly’s mom and C. Rachel Bilson:

TOOLY’S MOM: “This is about a girl not having to tell her parents. It has nothing to do with killing babies.
C.RACHEL BILSON: “You’re wrong. The baby died.”

Is it wrong that I get totally turned on when she says that?  Anyway, movie looks good, but the title is vague and sorta boring.  I would’ve gone with Where Dreams May Come*.

*Not in the vagina, not unless you’re married. [via Videogum]

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