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03.24.10 11 Comments

A while back everyone and their mother was sending me that clip of Werner Herzog reading Curious George, but I didn’t post it.  Although I like the idea, someone imitating Werner Herzog could never be as amazing as Werner Herzog’s uncanny impression of himself.  Case in point: Plastic Bag, a 2009, 18-minute short film by Ramin Bahrani in which Werner Herzog provides the voice of a plastic bag pondering its own mortality.  It’s pretty much everything you’d expect and more.

I thought we would be together forever.  Until I met her own private monster.  Look at this beast.  How could she prefer this one to me?  What could this thing do?  Nothing but slobber all over me.

That was the bag talking about its owner’s dog, by the way.  I know, I know, it sounds like my girlfriend’s panties complaining about my wiener. ZING!  Just kidding, 12-year-olds don’t wear panties.  Not the ones I date, anyway.

[Thanks to Michelle for the tip]

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