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05.28.09 26 Comments

Trailer for the original Alien.  Gotta love the out of context cat and the subliminal shot of girl in panties.

Bloody-disgusting is claiming a reliable source who says that a remake of Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic Alien is on the way.  From 20th Century Fox.  Of course.

The plan is to stick with the original concept of only one alien on the ship.  Michael Costigan, Ridley Scott and even Tony Scott are all on board to produce and have tapped Carl Rinsch [hee hee!] to get beyond the camera [sic] and bring a new Ripley to the big screen.  Who is Carl Rinsch? I’m being told he’s a commercial/music video director and does work for Scott Free Productions, who is also producing the remake. [B-D]

If the idea that Ridley Scott is producing makes you feel better, keep in mind, Ridley Scott is also making a movie about Monopoly.  And it’s Fox.  $20 bucks says Ripley is played by Jessica Alba and the alien raps.

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