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(“What has two index fingers and sucks at driving?”)

Roger Avary, who won an Oscar for co-writing Pulp Fiction and also directed Rules of Attraction, was sentenced to a year in jail plus five years probation, for DUI and vehicular manslaughter, for causing a fatal accident in January 2008.  There are lots of fors in that sentence.

Avary pleaded guilty in August to gross vehicular manslaughter and drunken driving for the 2008 crash that killed a passenger in Avary’s Mercedes in Ventura County. Authorities say Avary’s car was traveling at more than 100 mph when it crashed into a telephone pole.  Avary’s wife was ejected from the vehicle and was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. [Variety]

I’d love to feel sorry for him, but… 100 miles per hour?  Don’t you idiots know you’re supposed to be extra cautious when you drive hammered?  Christ, it’s like none of these GD hippies teach their kids how to drunk drive anymore.

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