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This time of year there are way too many awards and top 10 lists for me to cover all of them.  But I’ll cover Roger Ebert’s, because he’s the opposite of Pete Hammond.  I.e., intelligent, credible.  Ebert splits his list into two parts, mainstream movies and indies.  Here are his mainstream 10 (from his Sun-Times blog):

(ordered alphabetically)

  1. Bad Lieutenant (See? I told you.)
  2. Crazy Heart
  3. An Education
  4. )
  5. Inglourious Basterds
  6. Knowing (Really?  Does this mean I have to see this movie now?  I can’t imagine it not sucking.)
  7. Precious (Sad fatty)
  8. A Serious Man (Why is this not getting a wide release again?  It’s the f-cking Coen Brothers.  If ever there was a way to bring good films into the mainstream it’s through the Coen Brothers.  God, I hate people sometimes.  A lot.  Usually.)
  9. Up in the Air
  10. The White Ribbon

Jury Prize: Avatar (I agree.  Just because the story kinda sucked doesn’t mean it wasn’t an enjoyable, memorable experience.)

That’s right, Nic Cage stars in two of the top 10 movies according to America’s top film critic.  In related news, my cat just downed a highball of whiskey, smoked a cigarette, and had sex with my dog while it rained lizards.  Singing iguanas, to be precise.

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