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03.16.09 13 Comments

Character and stage actor Ron Silver died yesterday of esophogeal cancer at age 62.  Silver is supposedly best known for playing Alan Dershowitz in Reversal of Fortune, but he’ll always be “Mexican Guard” in The Arrival to me (“Would you like to see the ruins, my friend?”). As you can see above, the dude could chew scenery.

Silver spoke fluent Spanish and Chinese, did some work for the CIA when he was 22 (according to Cindy Adams), and was known for being a lifelong Democrat until he pulled a Dennis Miller after 9/11.  He later hosted a political talk show on Sirius.  But politics aside, what the hell are these lazy ass doctors doing?  Are they just playing grabass back there in the lab?  How long have you had to cure cancer now?  Chop chop, people. I’m getting older, and this booze and cigarette habit isn’t going to cold turkey itself.  I get up every day and write this blog. Now it’s time you people contributed something.

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