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10.23.08 24 Comments

In a recent interview (video after the jump), MTV asked Sam Jackson his favorite memory of working with Bernie Mac on Soul Men.

“The funniest day for me was a day when I didn’t even work. I actually went over there to see [noted pornstar] Vanessa del Rio,” Jackson said of a brief scene in the film where Mac’s character has casual sex with his neighbor, played in a cameo by Del Rio.

“And I looked over and saw Bernie and I was like ‘How’s it going man?’ and he was panting, ‘She’s killing me man. She’s bouncin up and down on me… She’s killing me!

And I’m like, “Dude, this is like the fantasy of every kid that grew up in the ‘60s! In a bedroom with Vanessa del Rio? Titties bouncing in your face? It’s Vanessa del Rio!”

So there you have it folks, Vanessa Del Rio’s titties killed Bernie Mac.  I’ve also heard Madonna’s breast milk turns you into one of those wolf kids.

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