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Trailer for remake of Wes Craven’s Last House on the Left.  Horror movies already write themselves, is it so much to ask that somebody actually write a new one?  You know what, nevermind. [TrailerAddict]

7 TV Shows We Would Like to See.  I think I already saw the film version of Anaconda Nanny. It was… rather sexy. [ScreenJunkies]

Tron 2 or Tr2n has its star!  And the winner is… Some dude with gay hair.  Sorry, Tron man, we thought you were a lock too. [CHUD]

AWARD TIME!  DIRECTOR’S GUILD! WRITER’S GUILD! CINEMATOGRAPHER’S GUILD! THE, UH, CINEMA AUDIO SOCIETY? Just wait till my World of Warcraft Guild puts out our nominations.  We have a Wizard who’s totally obsessed with Kate Winslet. [RopeofSilicon]

Someone sent me this in response to the Lesbian MMA porn post.  It’s called Ultimate Surrender. “Haven’t heard of it yet? Basically, what we’re looking at is a combination of BDSM and wrestling. Two girls get into a special, padded ring complete with bleachers, a referee, bright lights and bad attitudes – and wrestle. The loser(s) get f-cked by the winner.”  Um, yes please. [UltimateSurrender]

The Old People News Network.  “We’ve got the latest in forwarded emails that you can pass along to your children.”  It’s funny because old people have never heard of Photoshop.  You have to see this, it’s a guy surfing on top of a great white! Unbelievable! [Atom]

[Picture courtesy of RoboPanda, not sure where he got it or why I’m so mesmerized by it]

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