The Emmy-winning, fan-made Star Wars compilation

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08.25.10 11 Comments

26-year-old former Vimeo developer Casey Pugh recently released this sneak peek at Star Wars Uncut, a 10-minute closeup of David Prowse‘s uncircumcised penis a feature-length re-enactment of Star Wars cut together from user-submitted footage.  The project won Pugh and his team an Emmy, which would probably feel like even more of an accomplishment if Sherri Shepard didn’t also have one. That’d be like winning an Olympic gold medal and then seeing the barber give one to a retarded kid for sitting still.

Pugh began the online project last year that invited Star Wars fans to submit their own versions of 15-second scenes from the movie and then pieced the scenes together again. First, he divided up Star Wars into 15-second scenes, then compiled the best reenactments of each scene and combined them into a full movie remake of Stars Wars, A New Hope.

The team has a fully edited version of the movie produced, but they’re working through certain legal issues before they can release it. The Uncut Team of 7, mostly designers and developers from Brooklyn plan to make more Uncut Movies soon. One might naturally expect an Uncut Strikes Back in the near future. [FasterTimes]

I hear Montana Fishburne is hoping to work with the Uncut Team of 7 soon, but she may be a little unclear on the concept. ZING!  Hey, who threw that cream pie?  It hit me right in the monkey fufu.  Anyway, I actually thought this was kind of lame until Han Solo dog showed up.  MORE DOGGIES IN COSTUMES, PLZ.

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