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(The premiere was truly a tard-studded affair.)

Did you really believe Sony all those times they promised This is It would only run in theaters for two-weeks?  Aw, that’s cute.  You probably believed the doorman outside the nearly-empty club when he said he was making you wait outside because of “fire codes.”  And if his place looks a little more popular because of you that’s just a coincidence, right?  Look, just don’t buy coke off the bathroom attendant, okay?  Trust me.  I’ll tell you about all these scams and more if you’ll just step inside my windowless van.

Now the film will play through Thanksgiving weekend in the United States. Canada and most international territories will be announcing extensions of various lengths soon. In a press statement, Jeff Blake, the chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment Worldwide Marketing & Distribution, explained: “In just 5 days, Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT has become the highest grossing concert film of all time and we are elated by the response to this special film by fans, critics and moviegoers from all over the world. With this kind of global response, it’s clear that the motion picture deserves an extended run and we are going to do everything we can to make the film available to everyone who wants to see Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT on the big screen.” [DHD]

“Because of the overwhelmingly sub-par opening of the film we tried to artificially stimulate advanced ticket sales for, we’re breaking all our promises in the hopes of making more money off a dead guy.  No one expects us to tell the truth anyway.  It’s because we have no integrity, you see.”

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