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09.17.07 19 Comments

Apparently this is what it takes to get a movie deal these days.  Based on this online video, MTV Films plans a feature, starring Mike O'Connell and Ken Jeong (stars of the video), with Todd Phillips (Road Trip, Old School) on to produce.  

The story revolves around the meteoric rise of a delusional rapper (O'Connell) and his Asian foreign exchange student friend (Jeong) as they take on the hip-hop world.

A silly Asian foreign exchange student? How innovative!  With so much material to work with, I can't imagine this being anything but stellar.  People are already saying this could be the next Kickin' it Old School. Besides, MTV is recognized the world over for their brilliiant contributions to cinema, such as Joe's Apartment and Bubble Boy.  I'm sure this film will be no different, and definitely isn't an attempt to make up for not giving the Lonely Island guys a movie deal.    


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