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02.23.09 16 Comments

After the jump, watch the first trailer for Funny People, starring Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen, written and directed by Judd Apatow (his first film as a director since Knocked Up).  The good thing about casting Sandler in the lead is that unless his character slowly dies of cancer, it’s guaranteed to be his funniest film in 10 years.  Hold on… Okay, I’m being told this is actually about his character slowly dying of cancer. Shit, this is gonna be close.

In other comedy-related news, I saw Patton Oswalt’s new show at Caroline’s the other night and it was pretty much the best thing to happen to me since I got to second base (that’s hand holding, right?).  Except for the girls behind me who kept saying, “That’s so true!”  Just as a PSA here, “that’s so true” and polite applause are to comedy what cell phones and crying babies are to movies. OMG, the microphone man said something surprising yet familiar!  *claps flippers together*

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