08.20.07 10 years ago 44 Comments

That's right, folks, our first day in existence and already we've got an exclusive.  You hear that, internet?  Grit your teeth while I make love to your man butt.

These pics courtesy of proud Teutonic warrior Nick, who writes, "Many germans aren't happy about them filming the movie – Stauffenberg's son especially said he did not approve of Cruise portraying his father. Besides, germans make movies about their history so damn well – untergang, goodbye lenin, leben den anderen etc." 

Hey, no arguments here. But honestly, Brian Singer and Chris McQuarrie making a Nazi movie?  You'd have to pay me not to see that.  

The last pic is my favorite – anywhere Cruise goes, his thetan soldiers follow (or is it anti-thetan warriors?).  What the hell do they do at those booths, anyway?

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