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02.03.09 12 Comments

Video rated R for naughty words…

Ahh, the internet.  As always, the best part of any celebrity tirade is… THE REMIX!  *scratches record, falls off stage* Anyway, here it is, the Christian Bale tirade remix, as put together by “Revolucian”, who notes, “I’m producing RuPaul’s new album “Champion” coming soooooooon!!!” [sic]  In other news, RuPaul is still alive.

[Two more remixes after the jump – all this is less than 24 hours.  Wow, internet, first porn, now this. I salute ye.]

And here’s the infamous O’Relly tirade remix, because why the hell not? F-f-f-f-ckin! Thing! Sucks! WE’LLDOITLIVE!

[Big thanks to RoboPanda for the tip]

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