IESB is reporting that the role of Silverfox in the upcoming Wolverine movie (initially rumored to be played by Maggie Q) has gone to Lynn Collins.  They also report that William Stryker (played by Brian Cox in X-2) will be Danny Huston.

They go on to mention an appearance by The Blob, whom a FilmDrunk tipster claims will be played by Kevin Durand.   The tipster says the Blob’s part will be small – on par with The Juggernaut in Brett Ratner’s rape of X-3, and that the script includes some other minor mutants such as Beak.   

Still no word on whether we’ll see Glass Man (he’s abnormally fragile!), Mr. Sensitive (be careful what you say!), or Chuck, the guy who can shapeshift into a hoagie sandwich (but not back again!).  Typical Hollywood move, focusing only on the glamorous aspects of mutantry. 

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