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A tipster to Videogum recently sent in this video, along with the following note:

My mom sent me this. She knows the producer and said it cost 25 million dollars to make.

The film, called You Make My Day, is being produced by Emmy-winning composer Michael J. Lewis, and says on its website that it’s “seeking funding for filming and CGI production,” so I’m guessing what this guy meant was that they want $25 million to make this movie, not that they’ve already spent it.  I hope.  I really hope. Here’s the synopsis:

An Epic Musical Romantic Adventure set in a mystical island kingdom where horses reign and birds keep watch.

The horses, meanwhile, are named Ari and Princess Tehani.  My favorite shot is the lovingly composed frame at the 38-second mark where we get to see the morning sun stream through Princess Tehani’s tail mane.  Perfectly normal, perfectly healthy.  Heck, what middle-aged man hasn’t composed entire musicals based on his pets’ love life?  (one more vid after the jump)

My only question, if the birds are supposedly keeping watch, how’d they let a brown horse like Ari into Princess Tehani’s neighborhood? I liked this better when it was called Interracial Horse Gangbang 12.

[There’s one more video over at Videogum if you’re still interested]

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