“You’re stewed, butt wad!” The 80s bully supercut

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05.18.10 36 Comments

An editor over at HuffingtonPost sent me this supercut of bully clips from 80s movies the other day. I thought it’d be right up our alley.  After all, I’ve long considered FilmDrunk to be the 80s bully of film sites.  NOW WHO WANTS TO GIVE THOSE DORKS AT PAJIBA A SWIRLY?! NERDS! NERDS! NERDS!

Anyway, it’s a fun walk down memory lane (insomuch as my memory lane consists more of old movies than things that happened in real life).  Billy Zabka really was the go-to 80s bully.  And pay special attention to the 1:24 mark.  I think “It must be take-a-worm-for-a-walk week!” was truly the high-water mark for ridiculous made-up movie insults.


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