Hear Travis Scott’s ‘Antidote’ Reimagined As A Shimmering Rap Lullaby

Managing Editor, Music

While many people would take Travis Scott’s 2014 mixtape Days Before Rodeo over his debut studio album Rodeo, there is a single song off his official debut that everyone can agree on: “Antidote.” Now, personally, I love Rodeo more than Days Before, but I will never argue with the chance to celebrate “Antidote” as one of the most mournful, beautiful trap-dream-pop rap songs I’ve ever heard. Because the thing is, it was already pretty much a rap lullaby before someone gave it an even woozier makeover.

As Pigeons & Planes points out, a Seattle-based producer named pzh has uploaded an almost folk-song version of the track that caught the attention of users in the popular hip-hop Reddit thread HipHopHeads. Considering folk music, dream pop and rap are my favorite genres of music, the combination of all three here is almost too much for me to handle.

What’s better than hearing Scott rap about f*cking three girls in one night? Hearing him do it with a dreamy guitar strumming away in the background, of course. Seriously though, if you’re already a fan of Scott and “Antidote” give it a listen up top. And if you haven’t caught up on his latest album, Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight, that is well worth your time as well. Reportedly, Scott’s next album Astroworld is already in the works for 2017:

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