‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Rules This Week’s Geeky TV

01.22.18 12 hours ago

Sundance 2018: ‘Juliet, Naked’ Stars Rose Byrne And Ethan Hawke In A Home Run Of A Hornby Adaptation

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Sundance 2018: Paul Giamatti And Kathryn Hahn Face The Hilarity And Heartbreak Of Infertility In ‘Private Life’

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Sundance 2018: ‘Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot’ Is Peak Joaquin Phoenix And One Of Gus Van Sant’s Best

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Peter Jackson Is Going From ‘The Battle Of The Five Armies’ To A World War I Documentary

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A New ‘Black Panther’ Clip Shows Off His Car-Destroying Abilities

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Heath Ledger’s Family Offers A Look Inside His ‘Joker Diary’ On The 10th Anniversary Of His Death

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The Rock Discovers Another Mutated Foe In A New ‘Rampage’ TV Spot

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Twitter Jokingly Sums Up Movie Plots With #DescribeASciFiFilmBadly

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The Latest ‘Tomb Raider’ TV Spot Shows Lara Croft Beginning Her Adventure

01.21.18 1 day ago

The 2018 SAG Awards: All The Winners

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Alison Brie Addresses The Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Brother-In-Law James Franco At The SAGs

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Armie Hammer Smuggled Home George Miller’s Axed ‘Justice League: Mortal’ Script

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Peter Dinklage Is Glad ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Ending Before It ‘Jumps The Shark’

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The Final ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Trailer Shows Ian McDiarmid Reprising His Role As The Emperor

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Rian Johnson Quiets ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Critics Without Saying A Thing

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Will Reportedly Begin In An Unexpected Location

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This ‘Suicide Squad 2’ Behind The Scenes Photo Is A Huge Spoiler

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