10 reasons we’re excited about the return of ‘Project Runway’

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Almost every American has that one “Mad Men,” “True Blood,” “American Idol,” “Glee” or “30 Rock” in their life.  The show that now matter how much they watch TV, they are addicted to and will stop everything to catch it (or will at least DVR it).  For this busy movie industry pundit, there are very few shows that make that list, but “Project Runway” is one of them.

Ever since Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors turned fashion designing into one of the most realistic and legitimate creative contests on television, this writer has been glued to the tube.  The show certainly lost something when the Weinstein Company, the producers of the ratings hit, moved it from Bravo to Lifetime two seasons ago, but its slowly begun to find its grove again.  In fact, there are a number of big changes in store  including a longer overall program, the dismissal of the “Models of the Runway” after-show and other intriguing surprises.

For the third season, the talented and hilarious Liane Bonin, who knows quite about about fashion from her day job, will once again be recapping “Runway” on HitFix.  And in case you miss an episode, her recaps are sometimes more entertaining than the show itself.

In the meantime, here are the top ten reasons why this fan, in particular, is excited about the return of “Project Runway.”

Skinny Heidi Klum.

As much as we respect Klum and her husband Seal’s mission to continue to repopulate the planet, we’re thrilled to have super-skinny Klum back on the show.  Last season she wasn’t very mobile and looked so pregnant she could have given birth literally at any point on the runway.  That was just a little too much drama and tension for even this fan to handle.

Nina Garcia might explode in joy.
We are convinced someday permanent judge NIna Garcia will see a dress or a collection she can’t find one element to criticize…and be happy about it. Maybe.

“Models of the Runway” has been scrapped.

From sticky tape-gate to some lovely ladies who seemed to really not like each other, last season’s forced drama made “The Hills” seem like a PBS documentary series.  You knew it couldn’t matter all that much when one model left both programs because she got a real paying job with only a few challenges left till Bryant Park.  Ouch.

This could be the gayest “Runway” ever.
And that’s saying something.  If there is one legitimately straight man amongst the 17 contestants please raise your hand.  Instead, there appear to be more divas (aka “how do we channel the entertaining magic of season 7 contestant Anthony again?”) than RuPaul’s “Drag Race.”

Finding even more uninteresting ways to shoot the trips to Mood.
This season we suggest dramatic lighting, dutch angles or possibly even…3-D.

90 minutes of fun.
It’s not a dream.  “Runway” is going to be an hour and a half. Every. Single. Week.  And considering how difficult it is for the producers to stretch out the final episodes that usually feature only 4-5 contestants, we can’t wait to see what they’ll do with a whole extra 30 minutes.

Increasingly C-list guest judges.
This is getting tough.  It may be the cache of being on Lifetime, but the starpower of season 6 was gone by the time the show returned to New York. Instead of Christina Aguilera, viewers got Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba and Faith Hill (who judged the finale!).  This year, the premiere features guest judge…Selma Blair (Hey, we loved “Hellboy” and “Cruel Intentions” too, but we’re talkin’ Selma Blair here…).

Lifetime TV show promos.
Will anyone tuning into “Runway” really watch “Army Wives,” “Drop Dead Divas” or any of the network’s lame TV movies?  Yeah, we didn’t think so either.  But they are always perfect for a bathroom break.

Tim Gunn trying to keep it classy.
You gotta love Mr. Gunn.  Always a teacher at heart, he’s had to deal with some pretty outrageous personalities (and perhaps, personality disorders over the years) and hasn’t lost his down to earth charm.  Of course, we’re pretty sure he thinks the judges have made huge mistakes from one season to the next, but we’ll wait for those in his eventual tell all biography.

Three designers pass out and an ambulance is called…three different times.
We couldn’t make this stuff up and either can Ms. Klum (or Harvey Weinstein for that matter).  The show’s host and top judge dished a few months ago that not one, but three designers passed out during the season due to lack of food and an ambulance had to be called to the scene each time.  We might question Klum’s thrill over the pain of desperate designers competing for a career only a few can sustain in real life, but bring it on!

Are you excited about the return of “Runway”?  Share your thoughts below and be sure to check out our weekly recap every Thursday night.

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