An Open Letter to Taylor Swift: Give someone else a chance

02.25.09 9 years ago

Matt Sayles/AP

An Open Letter to Taylor Swift:

Dear Taylor,

For the love of God, make it stop! Please let someone else have a run at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. I have nothing against you personally. I’ve interviewed you twice and you’ve been very lovely and incredibly poised. To be fair, you’ve been incredibly gracious about ceding the throne every so often to other artists like Bruce Springsteen, which showed respect for your elders, and the Fray, which displayed your ability to play well with others.

However, this week marks your TENTH non-consecutive week at No. 1. This means, according to Billboard, the last time an album spent more weeks at No. 1 was ten years ago when Santana’s “Supernatural” spent 12 weeks at No. 1.

Here’s the thing: we know for sure that you won’t be No. 1 for the next two weeks: Jonas Bros. (oops, we hope they’re not a sore spot since your break-up with Joe) will knock you out next week with their concert CD, then U2 will come in at No. 1. The question is will you bounce back up as you have so many times before?

While you’re reading this, we’ll sure you’ll want to congratulate other artists who had successful debuts on this week’s chart, although we imagine Charlie Wilson is pretty pissed at you. He came in at No. 2 with “Uncle Charlie,” selling only 4,000 fewer copies than you. That’s close enough to hurt a little since he likely won’t get another shot at the brass ring with this CD.

Last week, we predicted that Morrissey’s “Years of Refusal” would debut in the Top 10 and we just missed it. He comes in at No. 11.
As Billboard notes, many albums go up on the chart, despite a decrease in sales. That’s a normal occurrence after a big event that boosts sales-in this case, we have both the Grammy Awards and Valentine’s Day in the same week. For example, Nickelback leaps from No. 11 to No. 4, but actually drops in the number of units sold.

One of the few artists who sees a jump in album sales is Lady Gaga, which means after digitally downloading “Just Dance,” and the rising success of “Pokerface,” people are deciding to invest in the whole CD. She moves to No. 10 as her sales rise 11% over last week.

Taylor, thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy your week at No. 1. Is this a good time to hit you up for tickets to your Los Angeles show at Staples Center that sold out in two minutes? You’ll get back to us on that, right?


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